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Tickets are sold for any amount you choose & include a burger, fries & a beer. We charge you a discounted amount ($15) for each ticket that comes in, and you keep the difference.

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We will follow up with you a few days before your event to confirm and prepare for approximately how many burger, chicken, or veggie burgers you will need, as well as any other last minute special requests. Please note that this form is submitting a request - you will hear back from our fundraising department within 48 hours to confirm your request and discuss details. Thank you for thinking of us and we look forward to hosting your event!


september, 2017

1sep - 210:00 pmsep 2- 2:00 amFresh FridayRotating DJ's

2sep - 3sep 210:00 pmsep 3Social SaturdayDJ Reese Paul

3sep7:30 pmLive MusicPat Chessell

3sep8:00 pmEnd of Summer Patio Party

4sep7:30 pmTrivia NightSteven Reddy

5sep7:30 pmLive MusicAndrew Christopher

6sep8:00 pmKaraokeAlmost Famous Karaoke Night

7sep10:00 pmThirsty ThursdayDJ Reese Paul

8sep - 9sep 810:00 pmsep 9Fresh FridayRotating DJ's

9sep - 10sep 910:00 pmsep 10Social SaturdayDJ Reese Paul

10sep7:30 pmLive MusicPat Chessell

11sep7:30 pmTrivia NightSteven Reddy

12sep7:30 pmLive MusicAndrew Christopher

13sep8:00 pmKaraokeAlmost Famous Karaoke Night

14sep10:00 pmThirsty ThursdayDJ Reese Paul

15sep - 16sep 1510:00 pmsep 16Fresh FridayRotating DJ's

16sep - 17sep 1610:00 pmsep 17Social SaturdayDJ Reese Paul

17sep7:30 pmLive MusicPat Chessell

18sep7:30 pmTrivia NightSteven Reddy

19sep7:30 pmLive MusicAndrew Christopher

20sep8:00 pmKaraokeAlmost Famous Karaoke Night

21sep10:00 pmThirsty ThursdayDJ Reese Paul

22sep - 23sep 2210:00 pmsep 23Fresh FridayRotating DJ's

23sep - 24sep 2310:00 pmsep 24Social SaturdayDJ Reese Paul

24sep7:30 pmLive MusicPat Chessell

25sep7:30 pmTrivia NightSteven Reddy

26sep7:30 pmLive MusicAndrew Christopher

27sep8:00 pmKaraokeAlmost Famous Karaoke Night

28sep10:00 pmThirsty ThursdayDJ Reese Paul

29sep - 30sep 2910:00 pmsep 30Fresh FridayRotating DJ's

30sep - 1octsep 3010:00 pmoct 1- 2:00 amSocial SaturdayDJ Reese Paul


Our menu and drink selection make it the perfect place for lunch, brunch, and dinner. Or, settle in with some friends and watch the big game, then stick around for great DJ music, dancing and featured events.

We use fresh, local organic and sustainable ingredients as much as possible, and our drink menu covers all the bases and then some.


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