Workplace Risk Assessment

  1. All staff must be made aware that Covid-19;
    • Is a serious subject matter, not to be taken lightly!
    • Hand and Surface hygiene is very important
    • Covid-19 can spread thru a number of different ways. This includes thru droplets when people speak, cough or sneeze. As well as, touching contaminated surfaces then touching ones face.
    • All staff, while working must ensure protocol is being followed.
    • Staff must also direct, and educate patrons to ensure compliance.
  2. To Ensure Staff and Patron safety on the floor and around any common areas Managers must close, dismantle, or cordon off any area where people can congregate, smoke or take breaks.
  3. Please note that from time to time staff in and around work areas/stations may come into close proximity to one another. For this reason, our company is mandating a company wide face mask policy for all staff. This is a policy that mitigates any risk to all our workers.
  4. Cleaning schedules must be created by the Managers to show that equipment, high traffic surfaces, shared touch screens are regularly maintained.
    • This includes entrances, push bars, faucets, high traffic ledges, entrance areas, keno stations etc.
  5. Kitchens Managers must also create policies and procedures to ensure constant and consistent cleanliness of the;
    • Prepping areas
    • Cooking Areas
    • Dish Area
    • Storage area as well as any shared equipment.

Implement Measures to reduce risk

  1. All Staff will be required to wear masks.
  2. We will run with minimal Staff.
  3. All our seating will be 6 feet apart.
  4. Our locations will all be under the 50% capacity requirement.
  5. We will have posters and signage;
    • Educating staff and patrons
    • Directing staff & patron
  6. We will have certain areas dedicate to sanitizing.
  7. All entrances will offer a hand cleaning station.
  8. All locations will have a cleaning policy for all table surface items
    • Please see Table Policy
  9. We will allow only one staff member in staff room areas at a time.
  10. We will, as much as possible, create schedules where the same people are the same schedules to reduce transmission.
  11. All staff are required to do a self-health assessment before every shift.
    • Please see Staff Health Assessment form
  12. Staff felling sick before a work must;
    • Stay Home
    • Call their manager
    • Get tested if symptoms persist
    • Be taken off the schedule for a minimum 2 weeks or until a negative test result comes back.
  13. Staff must ensure they understand that they must stay at home if symptoms are present.


To ensure a controlled safe serving environment for all our guests please ensure the following;

  1. No Items will be set on your table upon arrival.
  2. Menus will be delivered. Once used they will be brought to a menu sanitizing station to be sanitized.Then placed back into rotation.
  3. All cutlery sets will be wrapped by staff in the prep area.Staff making the sets will have washed their hands thoroughly and will be wearing a face mask.  Each cutlery bin will be cleaned, and each section covered until use is needed.
  4. Salt, Pepper, Condiments all will be taken to the table.After use, all items will go to a sanitizer table.  After cleaning they will be placed back into rotation.
  5. Daily features are will be placed on chalk boards.
  6. After a table is used our staff must spray all surfaces, including table tops, arm rests, seats etc.
  7. Have servers leave food and drinks at the front of the table and let guests pass them after the server has stepped away.
  8. Avoid touching coffee cups when refilling.
  9. If customers ask to take unfinished food with them, provide packaging and let the customer put the food into the container.
  10. There is to be no more than 6 people at a table, and there is absolutely no table hopping.

Staff Pre-Shift Health Assessment

Prior to working a shift, in any department, all staff must answer the following questions regarding the last 10 days;

  1. Have you experiences any of the following symptoms;
    • Fever or Chills
    • New or worsening cough
    • Shortness of breath, Headache or muscle aches.
  2. Before every shift all staff must check off on the staff schedule that they have self-assessed themselves and are symptom free for their shift.
  3. Our policy will be that staff answering “YES” to any of the above must notify the Manager and we must cover their shifts for a period of 14 days.
  4. To ensure we mitigate spread staff should also be aware of anyone in their household who has any of the above symptoms.
  5. They entire goal of the staff health check is to ensure we limit spread by not having staff work if they are experiencing these symptoms.

Ideally, all staff having these symptoms would know hours before a shift.  So they should notify us right away.  However, if staff a free of symptoms before work and they develop them on shift it is mandatory that they be sent home.  If they persist staff should get tested.

  • Front of House Serving Staff
    1. All staff should be made aware of the procedures to reduce risk.
    2. All bartenders and servers must wear masks.
    3. Never handle any beverage/glass (full or empty) at the rim.
    4. Staff need to palm the body of all beverages.
    5. Staff are to sanitise hands every 15 min, & wash hands every 30 minutes.
    6. Do not deliver any new food or drink without cleaning your hands.
    7. staff should not place their hands anywhere near their face.
    8. When giving table service it is important to ensure that you place the items on a section of the table and allow patrons to serf serve.
    9. Any and all down time is to be used for sanitising all areas, equipment and surfaces etc.
    10. Limit your staff room to 1 person.
    11. Before and after shift, serving trays must be washed.
    12. For coffee refills, do so without touching the cup. The patron can move the cup to a spot on the table to allow staff to pour the cup.
  • Back of House Staff
    1. Masks are to be worn at all times.
    2. If more than 2 people in the kitchen, 6 feet apart working at stations. If not possible then masks may suffice.
    3. All equipment and tools must be cleaned before and after use.
    4. All Managers must create a cleaning schedule for end of day as well as tasks that need to be done thru out the day to ensure clean safe working environments.
    5. Kitchen work areas can be tight so we want to ensure that managers have a continual cleaning routine that promotes a clean kitchen.
  • Protective Staff Reminders for Re-Opening
  • Meet with staff on sight to review all policies & procedures.
  • Review hours of operation.
  • Review new floor plan.
    • Sanitizing stations.
    • Bussing stations
    • Review the new system for serving tables.
    • Review cleaning plan.
      • Cleaning routine. Must create a laminated cleaning schedule that staff execute every hour, including washroom checks.
  • Review workplace expectations for FOH and BOH
    • Managers must have their cleaning procedures and hygiene programs written down and outlined for the staff. If need be, create check lists that need to be completed during a shift.

Our Covid-19 safety plan has been approved by Worksafe BC and the Fraser Health Authority, last updated February 7th, 2021.


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