march, 2020

31mar7:30 pmSimpsons Trivia Night at Coquitlam


Event Details

We're bringing you 5 rounds of Simpsons trivia based on "The 29 all-time greatest Simpsons episodes ever"! See the episode list below! Episode List: One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish (season 2) Homer at the Bat (season 3) Flaming Moe's (season 3) I Love Lisa (season 4) Mr Plow (season 4) Last Exit to Springfield (season 4) Marge vs The Monorail (season 4) Homer the Heretic (season 4) Deep Space Homer (season 5) Cape Feare (season 5) Itchy and Scratchy Land (season 6) Homer the Great (season 6) Bart of Darkness (season 6) Homer Badman (season 6) Lisa's Wedding (season 6) Who Shot Mr Burns? Parts 1 & 2 (season 6 & 7) Bart on the Road (season 7) King Size Homer (season 7) Radioactive Man (season 7) 22 Short Films About Springfield (season 7) Mother Simpson (season 7) Lisa the Vegetarian (season 7) Lisa the Iconoclast (season 7) Bart After Dark (season 8) Homer's Enemy (season 8) You Only Move Twice (season 8) Homer's Phobia (season 8) Great School Confidential (season 8) The Springfield Files (season 8) Get your tickets NOW!


(Tuesday) 7:30 pm



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